The 'conceptualizer' of the Medical Smart Chart:

ISRAEL BARKEN, M.D., F.A.C.S. and Medical Director

Dr. Barken devotes his time to patient support activities, such as Coaching and providing Medical Reviews for prostate cancer patients and their loved ones.

The 'Biz Tech' partner:

ANTHONUS (PRIYANKE) DE SILVA - Chief Technology Architect/Partner.

Anthonus (Priyanke) brings over 30 years of International Technolology development skills in Electronics, IT, Communications and Mechanical from an Indistrial and Commercial perspective with loads of Business building and Business administrative (MBA level) skills.

Priyanke has a history of developing medical records systems and medical graphing systems since 1991, including the development of a Laser card cardio graphing system for a heart foundation im 1993. He also has extensive imaging and document storage product and technology development experiences since the same.

His ISO-9001 based training in Service Engineering is all about putting the patient's/user's/customer's interests first and has been supporting the PCREF and MSC since 2006.