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Web sites with hosting plans starting as low as $10 per month.


There are many types of web sites


1. A Web presence:


This is your information site. A nice design which tells your customers and the 'cyber-shopper' who you are and also list the products or services you have to offer. Our sites allow you to change the content yourself; you can change the prices and description, add or remove your products or services when you require (or we will do it for a flat monthly fee).


2. Sell on-line (store, restaurant, service centre, hair studio):


Give your valuable customer the facility to purchase from the comfort of the office ,home or while on-the-go and pickup the order at a specified time. No waiting (in line). Accept the payment online or upon pickup/delivery (or even offer credit).


Don't think you business is too small or 'local' to offer an online shop. The endearment you receive by offering this convenience to your customers is invaluable. Accept credit cards and offer gift cards/loyalty cards.


Our Integrated POS solution (optional) which works with our online shop technology will alert your checkout station/barista of upcoming orders.




An upscale coffee shop/restaurant which has an online store and integrated POS. Features: Flash with dynnamic content (AbelTV) with Online POS together with a Loyalty program integrated to the the desktop POS at the Restaurant.


A classy hair studio. Features: Online booking and email confirmation. 



3. Specialized web sites:


Specialized web sites are ones which do a combination of the above or something totally different. Online Banking, Medical, Social media, Shopping for deals and Real-Estate are a few examples of specialized sites.





Shopping compare-and-buy web site. Features: Automated downloading of deals from sellers.

Prostate cancer patients to receive coaching and monitor their progress. Features: Medical Smart Chart to plot progress of treatment and PSA.



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