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Web site maintenance services starting as low as $25 per month.


Web maintenance, upkeep and upgrades


We provide the following services at monthly or hourly rates:


1. Web site maintenance. This is a tedious task which will take away your focus from your core business. Simply contract us to change the content of your site for you. All you do is email us the changes or give us instructions.


2. Web site upkeep. This differs form the above. Above deals with changing the content. But a web site has a lot more work, for example you need to archive/back the site, delete old images, clear databases, etc. If you don't do this you will either slow down your site or run short of the web space you have purchases. Your hosting costs will increase when you run out of space due to old-redundant data/pictures/etc.


3. Upgrades and modifications. From adding new features (like payment gateways, subscription modules), new information pages (new menu items) to a 'new look', we may be able to offer you a better rate, especially if you consider moving your site to our fast servers.