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Maintained servers starting as low as $25 per month (online payment price).


Servers: Dedicated, Virtual and Clusters


Simply put, a server is a special computer which is used specifically as a common computer to be used by many people. This web site is in a server and it has been setup in a manner that anybody who knows the web address can access the part of the server which has this web-site. But this server also has many other areas which are restricted and secure and/or have specialized activity. Therefore, while you browse this site there may be others browsing different areas of this site, making payments, chatting, etc. 


Read more - Knowledge helps you differentiate between hyped-up and real (skilled and cost saving) service providers:



1. Linux Servers (Many flavours: CentOS, Red Hat, Ubuntu, BSD, etc):




Linux based servers are termed 'Open Source' servers. This is a great feature and many 'closed' computer systems have used 'Open Source' products to build their products. We won't name the 'fruits' of these products. A very popular Open Source operating system is Android which is based on Linux and Java.



We build Linux servers and we use Linux servers. We have used Linux servers since 1998! Linux has been around since 1991!



Many would like you to believe that Open Source is un-reliable, insecure, etc. We don't think so. We believe any system, open or closed (costly) is only as secure as the people administering them. We believe the insecurity is a result of out-sourcing to unknown entities rather than the product itself.



The biggest advantage of Open Source is that the source code is free and you can fix bugs your self or, more often than not, a programmer somewhere in the world may have fixed it for you already, or the expertise is freely available at a reasonable cost. The best part: updates are FREE!


It is fair to say that ALL businesses (and even individuals) benefit from the Open Source movement. As for us the benefit is 'bitter-sweet'. As a capable and indepedent technology developer we lose a great deal of market share to 'IT/Web businesses' who use Open Source (and Out Sourced development) without the necessary technology/skill depth.


Did you know that many (if not all) Cellular systems, automobiles, phones and devices use Open Source Linux and Java?



Let us design and build your Linux server at an attractive service fee and hardware cost (no licensing fees).


2. Windows Servers (Microsoft - who else?):


We have experience building Windows Servers. As a desktop environment we love Windows and think the world of Windows 7 (Windows 8 looks promising). We have used Windows since Windows Version 1 (when it was a DOS application) and used Microsoft products since MS-DOS 1. We loved Windows 3.11 for Workgroups!


Yes, we have people with that much depth in experience!


Looking for a non-hyped Windows server builder? Talk to us!



3. PICK Operating Systems (MultiValue/Reality):


The PICK/MultiValue/Reality offers a powerful database operating system for business. Developed in the 1960s for the U.S. Military the unique feature of this Operating System is the ability to use 'English like' statements to access data. We have developed systems in PICK and also developed an emulation in MS-DOS/Turbo-C during the early 90's which assisted us in developing robust business software for MS-DOS/PC-DOS.


Read more about PICK and MultiValue at:




4. Those 'BIG BLUE' Servers (IBM S/36, AS/400...):


Nope, we don't build them. But we have experience with working with them in Client/Server environments. We also believe that we were one of the first to integrate Windows 95 as a client to the AS/400, way back in 1996.


We have coded in COBOL and RPG-II (the business programming languages of these servers).


As your consultant we will provide you with a 'fresh look' at your requirements of big server solutions and integration. 


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