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Old technology costs more to maintain and may render machines useless. We will upgrade or substitute the electronics and/or mechanics with cost-effective alternatives

Upgrade and modify old machinery and electronics - automation - CAd/CAM


Modifications, Repairs and Upgrades:



Our latest project:


We took this (non functional):   and replaced (designed and produced) it with this:
Schlesinger 1970s controller with relay drive From old electronics to new PC based CAD/CAM system Abel Windows XP based PCI controller with CAD/CAM and remote support
This machine was fantastic in it's day. We loved it. It used a 1970s 8bit processor with discreet component cards to control the motors, a network of relays to control and monitor. We believe the CNC was a 'plug in' to replace the relay 'ladder' system. Programming of new patterns to manufacture was tedious and required additional equipment. New programs required expensive EPROMS. In short, programming of new designs/programs was nearly impossible.   Developed the solution in the PC Platform with a semi-custom PCI card for motor control and sensors. We developed the power switching/sensor electronics in-house. The system has new and additional features such as 'click to draw' CAD, to design the product and save the design on the hard disk. Also has VNC technology for technical support to login remotely and upgrade or fix problems. The customer is now able to produce any requirement within the limitations of the mechanics. 



Needless to say our expertise, exposure and experiences in automation, IT, Electronics and technology-in-general enables us to provide you with a highly efficient and cost effective solution.