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Linux Software/Embedded Systems Development starting at low online-payment hourly/project rates.

Tux the Linux Mascot


Linux software for end users and re-sellers:


Our Experience:


We have Linux experiences since 1997. Our main exeperience on Linux (Cent OS) has been VOIP solutions, Web Servers (Apache and Glassfish), Web Development and utility development.


We develop in Linux web languages as well as C,C++ and assembly.


Some systems we developed for Linux in the past are:


1. VOIP Telephony solutions/customizations.

2. VOIP/PSTN phone systems.

3. Proxy Servers and Firewalls.

4. PDF document storage/conversion.

5. XML/JSON interpreters and form controls.

6. ERP solutions (under construction).

7. VNC Servers and Proxys (repeaters).

8. Anti Virus.

9. Payment Gateways.

10. Calling card systems.


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