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Automation consulting - design to implementation and support

Automation design, consulting, support


Automation consulting:


Our Experience:


Our training, and experience can be summed up as 'sometimes the best choice is NOT to automate!'. Yes, we will provide you with an objective analysis for your requirement and investigation.


We have provided hands-on consulting services to establishments investigating automation options. Automation options can range from:


1. Time based operations (e.g. Baking, Music/Video playing, Server backups, power down, power up, monitoring).


2. Program based operations such as CAD/CAM, Computer controlled tasks.


3. Event based operations such as dirty bottles, alarms, weather, etc. (such as fire, burglar, environmental).


4. Human replacement tasks (e.g. image recognition, colour analysis, weight/quantity/quality assurance, etc.)


5. Conversion of manual based work to semi or fully automatic (computer, robot or remote controlled) operation.


Our wide ranging automation experiences and exposure will be to your advantage to make the best automation decision!