Abel Technology Services

empowering budding entreprenuers, small (SOHO) and medium businesses
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About us:


Our business, with a focus of being small (in size), has over 25 years of experience in developing IT and Technology products for Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses and Large Conglomerates in many countries. The common denominator in all our customers is one very basic feature; they all wanted a personalized service. All of our customers wanted a product or service for either of two genuine and specific reasons - profitability or feasibility! We are not afraid to learn, in fact, this is why we get selected because most of what we have been contracted to do has not been done before in the manner we are asked to do it, either as a budgetary constraint or as an untested product, technology or method.


We have worked with many along the way and look forward to working with you, be it a simple classic web site to a cutting edge, hi-tech product. Our experience of over 25 years of working with entrepreneurs and businesses in almost every industry makes us an ideal candidate for your consulting needs.