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Electronics: Design, Develop, Build, Repair, Source and Substitute.



Everything is Electronics:


Being electronics techs/engineers we tend to consider all devices as electronics devices. No matter what the 'sales hype is' every device can be considered as fixed or programmable electronic device.


Whatever your electronics need, we are sure we can work a solution for your specific needs.


We have done many electronics projects in the last 20+ years, from designing, building, repairing, sourcing, substituting, etc. Below are a few recent examples (just to make this page pretty):


GSM phone media gateway
Stepper motor driver interface
GSM SIM switcher prototype
Repair GSM power amplifier rack
Repair of GSM media gateway

Analysis/Substitute Stepper Motor

CNC controller

Automatic GSM SIM changer after

each phone call.

Troubleshoot and repair RF amplifier


UPS backup for industrial cooling and heating system
Monitoring digital pulses of stepper driver
VOIP PBX system built for audio and video
Timer control for 3 phaze hot water system

Memory Backup system for industrial

A/C and Heating system (design and


Monitoring/Analysing pulses to stepper

motor drive system.

VOIP PBX with Video and Audio

Timer control for 3 phase hot water


Urgent substitution of Power supply module
VOIP ATA repair
Source VLSI stepper controller to match design
Repair of low noise UHF amplifier

Urgent substitution of Power Supply

Module for mission-critical device.

Repair of VOIP ATA

We designed a stepper motor CNC

controller and sourced a matching pre-

manufactured card to suit our design.

We did some custom modifications.

Low noise UHF amplifier repair.